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Multipule use castings & memoires

One impression allows you to make a bronze memory for everyone in the family!




Births • Birthdays • Holidays • Remembering a four-legged friend •Sunglasses holder.  The possibilities are endless!

Simply mold the part A

and part B putty together

until they make one solid


Within minutes the mold material will set up leaving an imprint of your foot or paw.

Use a simple box or tin for to contain the putty and insert foot, press for 45 seconds.

Package your mold up and mail it back to us with instructions on how many bronze pieces you'd like.

Once we get your mold we will pour wax into the mold and use those waxes using the lost wax casting process to cast your bronze pieces.  


Mounting options and plaques available.


Have them mounted with a personalized inscription • decorate photo albums • create heartwarming holiday ornaments.


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