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Welcome to Create-A-Cast™


Utilizing the same processes and materials employed by professional sculptors for hundreds of years, Create-A-Cast™ makes it easy and inexpensive for your personally-created wax sculpture to be transformed into a solid metal piece of art. It will be cast and finished in our foundry that is used by many world famous artists. We hope to help you discover, develop, and release the talent you may have never known you had.

Let’s get started!

Your kit

Upon receiving your kit, open it and verify that all components are present and the wax pieces are intact.

Basic Kit

   •4 wax templates 

   •2 Sculpting Tools

Belt Buckle Kit

   •2 oval wax templates
  •2 rectangle wax templates
  •2 Sculpting Tools



Although the basic kit cost only allows for one of your wax creations to be cast in bronze, you may have any of the other included wax items cast in bronze at a cost of $45 each. You may not add other wax types or non-wax materials to your work.

If you wish, we can cast your item in solid sterling silver or gold! Simply contact us for information regarding the additional cost.

REMEMBER: Keep your box for returning your wax piece(s) to us for casting.


Your work space

Set up for working on your wax in a nice clean area. If you don't have a work bench or studio table, any table makes an adequate workspace.

Please avoid:
• Eating the wax.
• Working on carpet or any surface from which wax would be difficult to remove.
• Sculpting directly on your work/table surface.
        Paper plates and thin cutting boards work great for a work surface.


You get to choose which shapes you'd like to use, think of all of the possibilities you can make out of them.

Medallions can be made into holiday ornaments, or take the loop of the top and make your own coin.
• Stones, colored glass and other found objects can be added (after casting only) but you can prepare your wax to hold a stone by pressing the stone into the wax.  Once it's cast in bronze the indention will still be there and you can glue your stone to the bronze.

•Sculptural pieces can range from paperweights to adding a thread where you can put a screw in it after it's cast and use it as a knob on your cabinet. 

•Medallions/coins can be glued to a wine opener set for a personal touch for a wedding gift.  

•If working with smaller children, or groups of kids have them pick out a template to trace out on the medallion.  This can be as simple as a photo from a magazine or coloring book.  


Here are some images of works in progress. Notice the idea sketch and how wax is added and removed to achieve depth and shape in the design.

Once work is completed and your creation is exactly the way you want it, make sure you don't have any extra wax shavings or clumps hanging on to the finished piece. Your metal casting will be identical to the wax sculpture you return to us. If you add wax to your piece, you must be sure that there is no air trapped between the layers of wax.

REMEMBER: You can sign the back of your artwork when you're finished.

For more information, check out the Tips and Tricks page.

The Importance of the Sprue

The sprue is the round or flat piece attached to every wax blank in your kit. Though it may seem unsightly to your piece of art, its presence is totally necessary as it creates the tunnel through which the molten metal travels into the mold of your piece. (For more information see the Lost Wax Casting section of this website.) The resulting attached metal will be cut off once the casting is complete. The spot where it was attached will be smoothed out and blended into the surrounding area of your piece.

Our casting machine requires us to limit the size of your work to 3” high/tall, 2.5” wide and 1” thick. If you return a wax piece that exceeds these limitations, we will have to return it to you asking for your modification to bring it within the size specifications.

Finishing up
When you have your sculpted piece exactly the way you want it, carefully package it in the box.  Please include a note with your name, phone number and return address.  If you have your order number, that is great to add as well.  If you didn't get a return shipping label in your box, please contact us at 800-303-5703 and we can issue you one.  

Shipping care notice

Take whatever steps necessary to insure it's not going to get busted on the way back to us.  If you have a small box that it will fit into,  you can wrap it about .5" thick around the wax with toilet paper and put it into that box.  Then put that box into the create a cast box and surround the little box with any packing materials (extra plastic grocery bags balled upwork) to make sure the little box doesn't move inside the shipping box.  As long as it's cushioned well and not allowed to bounce around it should make it just fine.  Wax gets brittle when cold and can crack easier, we don't want risk either loosing the work you did, or to try and wax weld your piece back together because that can leave seemliness or loose detail in spots.  


Once WH Casting receives the wax version of your creation, we will produce your one-of-a-kind bronze sculpture according to the instructions you include on the returned Customer Information Form and will send it back to you.

To learn more about lost wax casting click here. ​

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