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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as a silly question.  We want to insure you have a great time creating your cast and if you have questions along the way we are here to help you each step of the way.

My wax is too soft, what do I do?

Wax is a temperature sensitive product.  If it's warm outside the wax will be partially melted.  Using cellophane place your wax on flat surface and put in your fridge or freezer (for quicker results) to allow to set up.   Also using a small bowl of cold water to dip your wax in will help harden the wax.

My wax is too hard, what do I do?

Wax is a temperature sensitive product.  If it's colder out the wax may freeze and become very brittle.  Any home blow dryer can warm it back to a softer working consistency.  Also using a small bowl of warm water to dip your wax in will help soften the wax.

What happens if I ruin my wax, or it gets busted in shipping?

If you receive a kit with busted wax please let us know and we can send out replacement waxes for you.  You can keep the busted wax, warm it up and add it to your new waxes or simple practice with it.

If you purchased the extra casting for your additional waxes and ruined your wax but paid for casting please contact us and we can send you out a replacement so you will be happy with what is going to be cast.

If your sculpted wax is damaged in shipping back to us, the only thing we can do is send you a replacement wax to have you start over.  Though it's rare, it does happen with a medium as fragile as wax.  We find double boxing your wax and padding it an inch on all sides in a small box or container will reduce the risk.

Why do I need to keep my sprue on?

The sprue is that portion of the wax blank which extends beyond the basic wax configuration.  Because it is not part of the final sculpture, it will be removed after casting is complete, so DO NOT INCORPORATE IT IN YOUR CARVING.  The sprue is an important component that allows us to complete the casting.

Can you cast in other metal types?


YES!  Although the kit includes one bronze casting in the kit price, if you want to have your item cast in either solid Sterling Silver or even Gold we can do that for you as well.  There is of course extra costs for these precious metal castings, and that will all be determine by the market rate of metal when you call (800-303-5703) to inquire about this.

How much is the Kit?

Standard kits are $98 each.  This includes 3-4 types of waxes, and the cost covers getting one of those waxes cast and finished in bronze.  If you'd like to to have other pieces cast in addition to the one included, simply add $45 per piece when you send back your waxes.  For additional charges please contact us with your credit card number, (800-303-5703) 

How long does it take after I ship my wax to you for me to get my bronze piece returned?

Depending on where you live it can take 1-7 business days to have your package returned to us.  Once we get your pieces we will photo them and prepare them for production.  Normal production times are 4-6 weeks.  The ship time back to you will again depend on where you live.

Where can I find other tools?

Most hardware and craft stores will have something that you can use.  If you want to use what the pro's use then you'll need to go to a sculpture supply store.  We highly recommend Sculpture Depot in Loveland, Colorado which has a complete supply of sculpting equipment and provides prompt mail order service.  Click on ad to the right to check out their online store.  Stop in and see them if you're in Loveland.

Can I see my wax being cast?

If you happen to be in or live near Loveland, Colorado we'd be more than happy to give you a tour and if the timing is right we might be able to show you some part of production on your actual piece.

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Please use care when using an open flame while working with your Create-A-Cast Kit. DO NOT leave flame unattended. Never place an open flame near objects that may catch fire such as drapes, curtains, clothing, napkins, paper towels, rags or tablecloths. When heating your sculpting tools, use care not to burn yourself or others. Sculpting tools are sharp. Always use care not to cut, puncture or injure yourself or others while using the tools supplied in your kit. Create-A-Cast Kit should be kept out of reach of small children and pets. Sculpting wax is not eatable. Children years 6 and older should only be allowed to work with Create-A-Cast kit while under strict adult supervision.
WH Casting Co is not responsible for bodily injury, loss of life, property damage or loss due to, and not limited to, fire or misuse of tools.

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